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All’s Well That (S)Ends Well               


Being among the leaders in the race for the best pictures:


For this purpose, Conceptum Sport Logistics produces and broadcasts moving and also touching images of sporting events of almost any type with its own broadcast unit. By request 100% live and to the furthest corner of the earth – wherever there are sports enthusiasts thirsting for the latest information. Cutting-edge transmission technology is always included as well as the professional editorial preparation of the event, if desired.

For us, it’s just the next step on our way to 360° Sport Logistics – for all sports reporters, it’s a great chance to be in favor of their viewers with brilliant shots.




Our Services & our Broadcasting Equipment

  •   Modern HD OB van (outside broadcasting van)- SNG (Satellite News Gathering)
  •   Competent technical staff -
  •   Production / Camera / Slomo
  •   Live broadcast of major sporting events from around the world

The first major broadcasting project of our new team:

  •  UEFA European Under-19 Football Championship
  •  GCT (Global Champions Tour) Lausanne in September