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Conceptum Sport Logistics will be Presenting Sponsor of the IBSF World Cup in St. Moritz-Celerina 


Frankfurt/St. Moritz, September 25, 2017 - Since Conceptum Sport Logistics has been taking on sponsorships for bobsleigh or skeleton races on the legendary natural ice bobsleigh track in St. Moritz-Celerina time and again, a long-term contract was now signed for the support of all IBSF World Cup races until the year 2020. 


The event organizer, the Olympic Bob Run St. Moritz-Celerina, which will plan the world cup races in two-man and two-women bobsleigh, in four-man bobsleigh as well as in skeleton, is happy to have found a dedicated and reliable partner.


"In Conceptum Logistics, we have found a partner who has been providing the sports of bobsleigh and skeleton with dedicated support for over 10 years and who contributes to the success of each event with its logistical expertise. We are happy to have sealed the partnership until the end of the season 2019/2020," explains Damian Gianola, Managing Director of Olympia Bob Run St. Moritz-Celerina. 


The Managing Director of the logistical service provider Conceptum Sport Logistics is pleased as well:"We are glad that we have now been able to sign a long-term contract for the events in St. Moritz-Celerina. The only natural ice bobsleigh track on the world cup circuit of the bobsleigh and skeleton athletes provides a special highlight on the racing calendar every year. This year as well, we will be there to make sure that the athletes will be able to train in due time and that the equipment will be transported and delivered completely and in time," says Stahl.

In 60 hours (almost) around the world


Pyeongchang / Frankfurt / Helsinki, March 8, 2017 – After the Conceptum Sport Logistics team in Pyeongchang packed all materials for the biathlon world cup event and loaded them onto trucks to be transported to the airport in Seoul last Sunday night at 11:00 pm, the Conceptum Sport Logistics team in Frankfurt feverishly awaits its planned arrival on Tuesday morning at 5:30 am so that everything can be prepared on this end for customs and further transport of all sports equipment as well as the marketing and anti-doping material to the Hahn Airport.


The ATR 72, which is exclusively available for this transport, is scheduled to arrive in Frankfurt-Hahn at 2:20 pm on Tuesday afternoon to take off in the direction of Joensuu, Finland, from there at 3:50 pm after being loaded with the cargo. In the meantime, the Conceptum Logistics team in Finland is already preparing for its arrival, organizing everything to ensure that all materials can be transported to the venue in Kontiolahti as fast as possible.


After the aircraft lands in Joensuu at 9:40 pm on Tuesday night and the loading and documentation process has been efficiently organized, all materials can be delivered to the venue of the next biathlon world cup race in Kontiolahti the next morning at 07:30 am.


“Whenever such a time-critical transport also involves a great sleep deficit for all parties involved, the sense of achievement at the end of the day is worth all of our efforts!” says Sebastian Stahl, Managing Director of Conceptum Sport Logistics in Frankfurt. “Our team in Pyeongchang as well as our coworkers here in Frankfurt and of course our colleagues in Finland all did an excellent job; otherwise, such a fast transportation process from one end of the world to the other would not be feasible”, continues Stahl.

After Rio is before Pyeongchang


First official luge world cup to take place at the future Olympic site


Frankfurt/Oberhof/Pyeongchang, Feb. 14, 2017 – When the global elite in the sport of luge has its international training week on the new ice track in Pyeongchang this week, the company Conceptum Sport Logistics (, specializing in cultural project logistics, has already delivered its best performance.


In just 48 hours of transit time, the company managed to transport the entire material of 250 athletes after the conclusion of the last world cup this past weekend in Oberhof from there to Pyeongchang in time for the start of the international training week. Immediately after the trainings, the highly anticipated first luge world cup will take place next weekend at the Alpensia Sliding Center.


“For us, the Olympics are more important than the games per se: for in the time between the games, we are preparing the transports, laying the foundation for the logistics on site and make plans for the challenges ahead of us”, describes Sebastian Stahl, Managing Director of Conceptum Sport Logistics. The company headquartered near Frankfurt am Main, Germany, takes care of the logistics on behalf of numerous national and international federations as well as various Olympic committees and their athletes.


Conceptum Sport Logistics is already on site in Pyeongchang, and the preparations for the next Olympic Winter Games are in full swing. With the first test runs for try-out events, the infrastructure has already proven that just-in-time transportation to the sports venues works smoothly here as well. Since 2015, Conceptum Sport Logistics has already completed more than 150 successful transportation projects to the competition sites of the next Olympic Winter Games. The arrangements beforehand are decisive in order to go through all processes and to know about uncertainties such as red tape. In addition to the transportation of sports gear and team equipment, the logistics specialist also takes care of hotel and travel arrangements - the team around Managing Director Sebastian Stahl has an integrated standard.

Conceptum Sport Logistics opens site in South Korea


Sports logistician prepares for Pyeongchang 2018


Frankfurt/Seoul, January 15, 2017 – The sports world will look to South Korea in the coming years - the Olympic Winter Games 2018 will take place there. The company Conceptum Sport Logistics ( specializing in cultural project logistics is already opening a subsidiary in Seoul now. In close proximity to the venues, the company will be by the athletes’ side when it comes to the safe and timely transporting of their sports equipment and gear. From now on, all sports federations will also be able to rely on the know-how directly from South Korea. Conceptum Sport Logistics already assisted the organizing committee last year in all logistics for the homologation of the new competition sites. Hereby, the compliance for the Games in 2018 is tested. Further test events are planned.

“Such test events are standard prior to global events such as the Olympic Games. This is the only way to find errors in the stadiums’ concepts, and naturally we are able to test the logistical processes as well”, explains Sebastian Stahl, Managing Director of Conceptum Sport Logistics.


In doing so, it is the company’s goal to allow athletes to fully focus on the event - without worrying about their sports gear. The team equipment, right up to the massage bed, must also go through not only the transportation process but customs procedures as well. The process is complex, says the special logistician, and requires expertise mainly in the international cargo business. “With our employee in South Korea, we guarantee perfect service”, continues Stahl. “We provide complete support. This does require some effort but it more than pays off and enables the athletes to prepare for the events in a stress-free environment”, says Sebastian Stahl. 

German sports logistician services Alpine Skiing World Cups in USA and Canada


Conceptum Sport Logistics transports on behalf of various ski federations


Frankfurt/Denver/Calgary, December 5, 2016 – With logistics “Made in Germany”, the athletes participating in the FIS Alpine Skiing World Cups for women in Copper Mountain and Killington, USA, and in Lake Louise, Canada, are getting some valuable support. From the end of October until the beginning of December 2016, the skiing equipment and accessories of all female teams from numerous ski federations is being transported. A total of around 12 tons of material is first collected by the experienced logistician from all corners of Europe in order to transport it to the US by air freight on schedule. After the respective event, a truck takes it to the next venue in order to deliver the entire equipment again in time for the first training run. Following the World Cup in Lake Louise, all the gear is delivered back to Europe as requested.


“For our team, sports logistics is a physical challenge as well - after all, it is also about winning a race”, says Santino Hormuth, Project Manager of Conceptum Sport Logistics (CSL). “Only if we prepare our race well, run it to perfection and deliver the equipment to the competition track just in time, can the teams we service focus on the sport per se!”


The personal service by the logistics team takes place right by the track - for it is this all-round service that allows the athletes to fully focus on their competitive disciplines. Moreover, trust is a decisive factor - to athletes, their sporting equipment is the most important resource in addition to their own physical condition.


In addition to the sporting equipment and team gear, CSL has also been engaged to deliver approx. 3 tons of marketing materials as well as approx. 1.5 tons of TV broadcasting equipment. “Be it sporting equipment or cameras”, says Hormuth, “it does not make an essential difference to us. Perfect planning is the key criterion either way. Regional expertise and knowing the international formalities are the alpha and omega. This includes customs and loading formalities which may differ especially in international transportation”, continues the Project Manager.


Conceptum Sport Logistics is therefore already preparing for the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang 2018. With their own office on site, the specialized company takes responsibility close to the track - a key criterion according to Sebastian Stahl, Managing Director of Conceptum Sport Logistics: “Proximity counts for much for us. This is the only way we can guarantee our athletes to be there at any time and to really establish a seamless logistical chain.” Meanwhile, this also includes everything in terms of sporting equipment - from the teams’ accommodation all the way to flight or rental car booking, the service rendered by the Frankfurt experts is seamlessly tailored to the requirements.

IBSF and Conceptum Sport Logistics:

A powerful team



Frankfurt/Lausanne/Grossgmain, November 24, 2016 – Never change a running system – This is how you might describe the cooperation that has already been going on since 2006 between the International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation (IBSF) and the sports and cultural project logistician Conceptum Sport Logistics (CSL -


“With Conceptum Logistics, we have a partner who transports our very special equipment from one venue to the next quickly and reliably. We are pleased that we have been able to extend the partnership for another two years”, explains Ivo Ferriani, President of IBSF.


When we travel across the Atlantic to Whistler this coming weekend, where the competitions continue next weekend, incidents such as snow storms, traffic jams or trucks which are not roadworthy and the like must not impact the race schedule. It is therefore always essential to plan for any eventualities before they occur.


“Of course it is a great advantage if you have already known each other for more than 10 years and therefore work together very smoothly”, says Sebastian Stahl, Managing Director of the logistics service provider. Year after year, we look forward to supporting the world cup series of the bobsleigh and skeleton athletes and to providing our service to make sure that training sessions take place in a timely manner and that the equipment is transported and delivered completely and in good time”, continues Stahl.


Despite all the routine, we are still faced with special challenges time and again: new venues, such as the Alpensia Sliding Center in Pyeongchang for the Olympic Winter Games 2018 or tight schedules always require most careful planning or specific solutions.

Preparations for Pyeongchang 2018 in full swing


Logistical dress rehearsal for the Olympic Winter Games 2018 in South Korea


Pyeongchang /Frankfurt, November 01, 2016 – Numerous visits by employees of Conceptum Sport Logistics (CSL – in South Korea to prepare the transports for the test runs in the newly built ice channel have been taking place for some time already. In the second half of October, the big moment finally came: CSL transported all bobsleigh, skeleton and luge models to Seoul via air freight for the test runs. From the airport there, they were taken 3 hours by car to the Alpensia Sliding Center in Pyeongchang.


As the winter sports season is already in full swing, the experts of Conceptum Sport Logistics only had 48 hours to transport 5000 kg of equipment from ten countries from door to door. Special challenges such as infrastructural conditions, e.g. downhill access roads, non-existing roads blocked due to construction sites etc. must be carefully mapped out and planned for. The smooth cooperation with customs authorities on site is also a fundamental part of a functioning logistics chain, in particular for time-sensitive sports events.


“The earlier we are involved in the planning of such events, the better we can coordinate and prepare all logistically important details with all parties involved”, says Sebastian Stahl, Managing Director of the cultural sports and event logistician. “The conditions on site always play an especially important role for such major transport operations”, continues Stahl. “We are used to becoming active on site as early as 2 years before the event takes place and know that the first shipments are delivered during the ongoing site work as the first test competitions take place during that time already.”


With the return transport of the entire equipment completed within 48 hours as well, however, things won’t calm down at CSL. More transportation projects to perform the test runs for five other disciplines for the Olympic Winter Games 2018 are already in the final planning phase.

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