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We make your equipment go 500 miles an hour

Speed. Reliability. Experience.

These keywords are always on board with us! With our conceptual custom consulting, we focus first on meeting you where you are, before turning our attention to your sports equipment. Our transportation solutions bring your “precious cargo” to the starting line right on time. Our travel service can also get you to the starting line, in top form and well-rested.

Our comprehensive planning and implementation will also put you at ease. Our motto is “There is a solution for everyone – even if we have to come up with a new one.” We are not just a transportation and logistics company, but much more; we are your full-service provider who takes care of everything upon request. So that you can concentrate 100% on your peak performance.


Our services at a glance:


  • In operation 365 days a year, worldwide
  • Travel planning for individual athletes, entire teams, and associations
  • Personal support for athletes and on-site delivery of sports equipment



  • Conceptual consulting for sports equipment shipments – around the world
  • Planning and transportation for sports equipment of all types, sizes, and amounts
  • On-time delivery to any location around the world



  • Optional: Personal escort and guarding of your sports equipment
  • Transport of complex sports event equipment to and from the venue



  • Annual audit
  • Olympic cycles

  • Budgeting stages

  • Event planning

  • Requirements checking


Transport services


  • Door-to-door service
  • Direct to your hotel room

  • Tailor-made, on-time transport solutions

  • Commitment




  • Travel planning

  • Arranging of hotels/flights and car hire

  • All-inclusive logistics for athletes & equipment

  • Choice of first-class transport & accommodation

  • Co-operation with airline organisations


Conceptual consulting

Whether bow, bobsled, or Bugatti, no equipment is too small or too large for us. And no road is too short or too long. We provide personal and prompt consulting for you or your team as to which transportation solution is best. With our extensive international experience, we know where customs clearance may take longer, and we know alternative routes to take to avoid delays and guarantee on-time delivery. Red tape? All you do is sign, and we handle the rest. Whatever sports equipment you want to bring to some far corner of the world, or even the next town over – we make your “precious cargo” a high priority!

Transportation solutions

Our freight solutions for your sports equipment depend on the speed with which we come up with them. And because we can always find the best possible solution for you with our extremely rare combination of logistics and sports expertise, your sports equipment always arrives at its destination on time. Regardless of the route – by land, sea or air. We can reach even the most remote locations with ease. We are the perfect scouts and we always find a way. Just give us the green light!

Personal travel planning

Your equipment is already there, but where are you? We are happy to handle all your personal travel planning, or even for your whole team. You can only perform at your peak if your arrival at your destination and return home are stress-free. You tell us when and where, name your travel budget and any special requests, and we take care of the rest for you. Menu requests on the airplane? Got injured and need more space? Maybe even a mobile escort to the gate? Your wish is our command. We have only one wish for you: that you arrive at your destination fit as a fiddle.

Those we’ve helped reach their goals

Whether athlete or sports logistics specialist, only consistent high performance keeps you at the head of the pack. With this claim, we recently proved our abilities to the following international sports associations and organizations:

National Federations

Organizing Committees

International Federations

Multi Sport Events and ActiveSports