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With us on your team, everything runs perfectly

The start signal for our extensive logistics expertise sounded in 2005 when Conceptum Logistics started its race for the international championship as Conceptum AERO. Since then, hundreds of complex logistics projects around the world have been brought to their destinations safely and on time. Out of industrial logistics came cultural project logistics in 2008 with a clear focus on “sports.” Our young and agile special team with extensive personal sports background has since gotten sports equipment and athletes of all types to any location around the world – and back home again.

As an athlete, you benefit from our unique combination of logistcs expertise and passion for sports. We know what is important to you, and we won’t leave you hanging!

Sebastian Stahl, Managing Director Conceptum Sport Logistics

Our Sports Logistics team:

Sebastian Stahl

Managing Director, Germany / SWITZERLAND


I love athletic challenges. The more difficult or complex a sports logistics task is, the more creative energy I release. I am a trained forwarding agent and have been active for 20 years. My job is my passion. My first professional contact with sports equipment was with the U.S. lugers. My motivation is to carry the load for you so you can concentrate fully and completely on your training and let us take care of the rest as the service provider. In addition to my many professional travels to international sports events, I also enjoy travelling for pleasure. I love foreign cultures and people. And I love to see them smile with satisfaction. ;-)




Ben Morin

Director of Sports Logistics, Canada


As a kid, Ben played football and hockey. As a thoroughbred association professional for over 26 years, he has been active in various branches of Olympic winter sports – for U.S. luge, U.S. bobsled, four years as director of athletic services for the Canadian Olympic Committee, and since 2008 for Conceptum Sports Logistics as Director of Sports for North America. Regarding his job as our Director of Sports Logistics in Canada he says,  “I can sense time and again how relieved athletes are when they realize that they are talking to a logistics specialist who is also knowledgeable about sports. This gives them that good feeling that everything will be fine.” In his free time, Ben likes to run a few kilometers. Just for fun.



Our locations around the world:

Most of our customers are athletes, athletic associations, and organizers of sporting events. They all book with us intentionally because we not only know a lot about logistics, but we also know a lot about sports and can talk their talk. With our worldwide network, we don’t need a dictionary, even in the most remote areas of the world, in order to get your equipment to its destination safely and on time.