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Siempre alcanzamos una meta: La satisfacción al 100 %

Con nuestra ayuda, el equipo deportivo tiene una posición de ventaja en su rumbo alrededor del mundo. Nuestras muchas carreras ganadas contrarreloj y contra los retos logísticos hablan aquí por sí mismas. Luz verde para algunos de nuestros proyectos más emocionantes...

Preparations for Pyeongchang 2018 in full swing


Logistical dress rehearsal for the Olympic Winter Games 2018 in South Korea


Pyeongchang /Frankfurt, November 01, 2016 – Numerous visits by employees of Conceptum Sport Logistics (CSL – www.conceptum-sport-logistics.com) in South Korea to prepare the transports for the test runs in the newly built ice channel have been taking place for some time already. In the second half of October, the big moment finally came: CSL transported all bobsleigh, skeleton and luge models to Seoul via air freight for the test runs. From the airport there, they were taken 3 hours by car to the Alpensia Sliding Center in Pyeongchang.


As the winter sports season is already in full swing, the experts of Conceptum Sport Logistics only had 48 hours to transport 5000 kg of equipment from ten countries from door to door. Special challenges such as infrastructural conditions, e.g. downhill access roads, non-existing roads blocked due to construction sites etc. must be carefully mapped out and planned for. The smooth cooperation with customs authorities on site is also a fundamental part of a functioning logistics chain, in particular for time-sensitive sports events.


“The earlier we are involved in the planning of such events, the better we can coordinate and prepare all logistically important details with all parties involved”, says Sebastian Stahl, Managing Director of the cultural sports and event logistician. “The conditions on site always play an especially important role for such major transport operations”, continues Stahl. “We are used to becoming active on site as early as 2 years before the event takes place and know that the first shipments are delivered during the ongoing site work as the first test competitions take place during that time already.”


With the return transport of the entire equipment completed within 48 hours as well, however, things won’t calm down at CSL. More transportation projects to perform the test runs for five other disciplines for the Olympic Winter Games 2018 are already in the final planning phase.

International Luge Federation cooperates with Conceptum Sport Logistics


Cultural event logistician has been servicing the International Luge Federation for years


Frankfurt/Berchtesgaden/Sochi, February 01, 2016 – The long-standing cooperation proves the skills in sports and cultural event logistics of the Frankfurt specialist logistics company Conceptum Sport Logistics (CSL – www.conceptum-sport-logistics.com).


While the athletes and coaches are still celebrating their victories after the FIL World Luge Championships at Königssee, Conceptum Sport Logistics is busy preparing the further transport of the entire equipment. This time is special as the entire World Cup circus is traveling on to the next venue in Sochi together. The chartered aircraft will thus not only transport the equipment and luggage of the athletes and coaches from 14 nations, but also 120 passengers. They are looking forward to the remake of the charter flight which was arranged by CSL in 2014 for the Olympic Games, giving the teams additional preparation and training time on site.


Sebastian Stahl, Managing Director of the cultural event logistician Conceptum Sport Logistics, is happy to add another building block to the company’s history: “We are offering athletes exactly what they need: trustworthy logistics provided by a complete team. This allows them to focus on their sport - and not on the frantic transport of their own sports equipment”, says the head logistician.


For more than ten years, Conceptum Sport Logistics has worked for numerous teams and federations in almost all disciplines on the five continents as a logistical partner - in 2015, they covered over 50 million kilometers with sports equipment on board. More kilometers are to be added in this year and the next - the Olympic Games in the summer of this year will be a challenge for the Conceptum team. As an official partner of numerous sport federations and teams, the company is prepared: Their own office in Rio de Janeiro is working on the preparations at high pressure.

Rio2016: The Countdown is on


Athletes, Officials and logisticians alike are ready to get out of the blocks


Rio de Janeiro/Frankfurt, June 15, 2016 – While the Olympic Games are still far away for the spectators, the preparations - above all logistically speaking - are already in full swing. For several weeks, the German logistics company Conceptum Sport Logistics (CSL – www.conceptum-sport-logistics.com) has been collecting sports equipment, broadcasting accessories as well as other equipment materials needed on site to take it to Rio de Janeiro.

 “Any materials available and thus plannable beforehand can be taken to Rio de Janeiro in time by ship and scheduled flight”, says Stahl, Managing Director of the cultural sports and event logistician. “For this purpose, meters of packing lists are studied and separated in order to optimize transportation costs for our customers. Any materials not available until the last minute are then transported to their destination with regular charter flights which we provide exclusively for our customers”, continues Stahl. “This approach has been successful at major events in the past”.


At the same time, hardly any TV viewer is aware of the volumes that are moved. 30,000 cubic meters of cargo was shipped to Rio de Janeiro by sea alone. Added to this are more than 500 tons by air.

 “A coastal city presents some benefits here for the transportation of large volumes. Customs regulations are the same, however - and it is not uncommon for them to be adventurous in Brazil”, says Sebastian Stahl. The logistical team’s boss is always personally involved - “for months, I have been commuting between Frankfurt, Rio de Janeiro, and the various sites of our customers”, says Stahl.


 Long before the first transport missions, storage sites needed to be found, suitable for the safe storage of the sensitive equipment such as timekeeping systems or even catering for the teams. In addition to reliability, trust in the logistician is also decisive for the athletes - for sports equipment is mostly treated like children. For years, the German company has enjoyed the patronage of numerous national Olympic Committees, sports federations and the athletes.

IBSF and Conceptum Sport Logistics:

A powerful team



Frankfurt/Lausanne/Grossgmain, November 24, 2016 – Never change a running system – This is how you might describe the cooperation that has already been going on since 2006 between the International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation (IBSF) and the sports and cultural project logistician Conceptum Sport Logistics (CSL - www.conceptum-sport-logistics.com).


“With Conceptum Logistics, we have a partner who transports our very special equipment from one venue to the next quickly and reliably. We are pleased that we have been able to extend the partnership for another two years”, explains Ivo Ferriani, President of IBSF.


When we travel across the Atlantic to Whistler this coming weekend, where the competitions continue next weekend, incidents such as snow storms, traffic jams or trucks which are not roadworthy and the like must not impact the race schedule. It is therefore always essential to plan for any eventualities before they occur.


“Of course it is a great advantage if you have already known each other for more than 10 years and therefore work together very smoothly”, says Sebastian Stahl, Managing Director of the logistics service provider. Year after year, we look forward to supporting the world cup series of the bobsleigh and skeleton athletes and to providing our service to make sure that training sessions take place in a timely manner and that the equipment is transported and delivered completely and in good time”, continues Stahl.


Despite all the routine, we are still faced with special challenges time and again: new venues, such as the Alpensia Sliding Center in Pyeongchang for the Olympic Winter Games 2018 or tight schedules always require most careful planning or specific solutions.

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2006:              TORINO 2006, Olympic Winter Games, Italy

2010-2011:    German Touring Car Championships (DTM)

2010:              MAYAGÜEZ 2010, Central American Carribean Games, Puerto Rico

2010:              VANCOUVER 2010, Olympic Winter Games, Canada

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2012:              U19 Football European Championship, Estonia

2012-2014:   SOCHI 2014, Test events and training weeks in Sotchi, Russia

2012-2016:   IAAF Diamond League - Worldwide logistics for timing equipment

2014:             SOCHI 2014, Olympic Winter Games, Russia

2014:             GLASGOW 2014, Commonwealth Games, Scotland

2014:             ZÜRICH 2014, Official Logistics Partner European Athletics Championships, Switzerland

2014:             NANJING 2014, Youth Olympic Games, China

2015-2016:   ISAF Sailing Worldcup, Australia

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2015:             FIE World Tour

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2015:             BAKU 2015, European Games, Azerbaidzhan

2015:             RIO 2016, Test events for the Olympic Summer Games, Brazil

2016:             PYEONGCHANG 2018, Test events for the Olympic Winter Games, South Korea

2016:             FIS World Cups, USA / Canada / South Korea

2016:             RIO 2016, Olympic Summer Games, Brazil

2016:             FINA World Championships, Canada

2016:             PYEONGCHANG 2018, Homologation Alpensia Sliding Centre, South Korea

2016:             FIE World Championships, Qatar

2016:             AIBA Boxing Championships, Thailand