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Notícias sobre os nossos serviços logísticos

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Conceptum Sport Logistics again support the Canadian Luge Association 


Long-term logistics partnership with the CANADIAN LUGE ASSOCIATION


Frankfurt/Calgary, November 23, 2018 – With a contract as the official carrier, Conceptum Sport Logistics (www.conceptum-sport-logistics.com) becomes the official logistics partner of the Canadian national luge team. The agreement was entered into between the CANADIAN LUGE ASSOCIATION (www.luge.ca) and the logistics company headquartered near Frankfurt. With the agreement, all teams benefit from the experience of the longtime expert in cultural project logistics: “For our athletes, support staff and technicians, trusting in the transportation and the overall processing is decisive. The athletes have a hard time giving up their sports equipment. Conceptum Sport Logistics completes the tasks perfectly so that our professional athletes can focus on the sport!”, describes Wolfgang Staudinger, head coach of the lugers with the Canadian national association.


In the process, the global logistical network at all relevant sites directly supports the teams: “It is our mission to be a partner for athletes and teams. We therefore provide smooth logistical processes across borders and continents around the world at any time. All the way to the competition site”, says Sebastian Stahl, Managing Director of Conceptum Sport Logistics.


For the time being, the partnership was formalized for four years – the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing 2022 are thus part of the logistical package. A milestone for the Conceptum MD. “The preparations for the Olympic Games are already in full swing, exploring the sports venues, time schedules and customs clearance matters are discussed. We have tested the processes in advance with pilot events in order to know the capacities of the infrastructure and even customs processes. We are ready!,” Sebastian Stahl is glad to report.

The Italian Winter Sports Federation FISI appoints Conceptum Sport Logistics as official logistics partner 


FISI renews the agreement existing since 2012


Frankfurt/Milan, November 12, 2018 –  The Italian Winter Sports Federation (Federazione italiana sport invernali) had already signed the first cooperation agreement with the Frankfurt special logistician Conceptum Sport Logistics (CSL – www.conceptum-sport-logistics.com) in 2012. “Our successful team work is now to be continued for another four years,” says Sebastian Stahl, Managing Director of the cultural project logistician CSL. “This is a great acknowledgment of our dedicated work,” continues Stahl. 


When it comes to servicing the various sports disciplines with their respectively individual requirements, CSL benefits from more than 20 years of experience in the transportation sector. “Nevertheless, every season comes with its own challenges. However, this is exactly what appeals to and inspires my coworkers and me each day,” adds Stahl.

FISI is very pleased about the renewal of the long-term agreement as well: “This cooperation provides us with the assurance of being able to focus on the sport. We have found a very competent partner for the logistical necessities.” says Flavio Roda, FISI President. 


The logistics partner from Germany enables the federations to access globally networked special logistics for sports equipment and teams. The transports between competition sites during the season as well as to the training camps at any conceivable venue in the world are covered by the specialist logistician. Furthermore, CSL consults federations in particular when it comes to packaging customized for sensitive sports equipment and provides such upon agreement. It goes without saying that on-site assistance is also part of the CSL service portfolio.

Chinese Bobsleigh, Skeleton and Luge Federation appoints Conceptum Sport Logistics as its Official Logistics Partner again


Four-year agreement signed and sealed


Frankfurt/Beijing, August 10, 2018 – With the execution of the cooperation agreement, the Chinese Bobsleigh, Skeleton and Luge Federation renews its cooperation agreement with Conceptum Sport Logistics (CSL – www.conceptum-sport-logistics.com). A cooperation was first agreed upon from 2016 until 2018. Now, the federation again joins the ranks of the sports federations serviced by Conceptum Sport Logistics, some of them for over 10 years already.


“The preparations for the upcoming season of winter athletes will already be completed shortly. The logistical chain with all plannable details is as good as planned,” says Sebastian Stahl, Managing Director of Conceptum Logistics. “Anything unforeseeable will then provide us with enough input during the season to keep things from getting boring,” continues Stahl. “Here, the weather is the greatest uncertainty, but alternatives are required even in snow storms.”


This agreement results from the excellent cooperation during the past seasons in view of the next major event for the athletes – the Olympic Winter Games 2022 in Beijing. First and foremost, it ensures that athletes and those responsible can fully concentrate on the most important goal for them – athletic success. CSL will take care of the rest.

Conceptum Sport Logistics cooperates with US biathletes 

US Biathlon Team chooses Conceptum Logistics as its partner


Frankfurt/New Gloucester, July 01, 2018– No sooner than the Frankfurt special logistician Conceptum Sport Logistics (CSL – www.conceptum-sport-logistics.com) completed the Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang, preparations for the next winter season are already in full swing.


The cultural project logistician has sealed a multiannual contract for cooperation with the US Biathlon Federation after having worked with each other on a project basis for several years already. This makes Managing Director Sebastian Stahl happy. “The fact that more and more federations are entering into long-term contracts with us is the reward for our hard work for our customers. Moreover, we benefit from our long-standing business relationships, of course, as we know the requirements of the various teams so well as if they were our own”.


The President and CEO of the US Biathlon Federation Max Cobb is very satisfied as well: “Our travels within the IBU World Cup Biathlon require very professional preparations and excellent know-how, in particular whenever our team travels by plane and the sensitive material needs to be transported separately.


With the long-term experience and the logistical expertise when it comes to the Biathlon World Cup and other major international sporting events we have the ideal partner by our side with CSL in the years to come – a partner we can fully rely on!”

The logistics partner from Germany provides federations with access to internationally networked expert logistics for sports equipment and teams. The transports between the competition sites during the season as well as to the training camps at any conceivable location in the world are covered by the special logistician’s service. In addition, CSL will consult the federations in terms of packaging customized for the sensitive sports equipment and will provide such packaging upon consultation. It also goes without saying that on-site support is part of CSL’s service portfolio.

FIL and Conceptum Sport Logistics renew their cooperation



Frankfurt/Berchtesgaden, April 02, 2018 – FIL (International Luge Federation) and Conceptum Sport Logistics (CSL - www.conceptum-sport-logistics.com) renew their successful cooperation on all overseas transport services before as well as during the season for another four years.


“For almost 10 years, the cooperation with Conceptum Sport Logistics has facilitated our season planning as we no longer need to worry about transporting our entire equipment. The company is available to support us in any way around the clock. We are pleased that the cooperation could be extended for another four years,” explains Christoph Schweiger, Executive Director at FIL.


“We are delighted that we have been allowed to service FIL since 2008 to their satisfaction. In doing so, the experience we gain each year despite our know-how is an additional guarantee for success to all of us,” says Sebastian Stahl, Managing Director of the logistical service provider. “As an expert in cultural project logistics, we know how crucial time management is for transportation services and ideally have a plan B in place already before any delay even comes up,” continues Stahl.

Pyeongchang2018: CONCEPTUM LOGISTICS is already at the finish line

Opening ceremony of the Olympic Winter Games in South Korea is right around the corner


Pyeongchang/Frankfurt, February 02, 2018 – While all winter sports fans as well as athletes and officials are excitedly awaiting the opening ceremony of the Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang, the first box in terms of the Olympic Games has already been checked for the globally active logistical company Conceptum Logistics (CSL - www.conceptum-sport-logistics.com). Almost 3 weeks ago, the cultural project logistician already delivered broadcasting equipment to South Korea.


"Experience shows that broadcasting technology is always moved to the site a few weeks before the major event begins. It is more critical to transport the sports equipment, which is still needed all over the world until shortly before the Games,” says Stahl, Managing Director of the cultural project logistician.


Inside the warehouse of Conceptum Logistics in Pyeongchang, large boxes containing the bobsleds have meanwhile been piling up. More than 80 of them alone were air-shipped and will be delivered to the clients next weekend. In addition, there are 100 luges as well as numerous material crates for the technicians. All in all, we handled approx. 250 tons of material.


"We are proud of the fact that we have been allowed to work for national Olympic Committees as well as various sports federations for years. This year, more than 30 nations rely on our services in various disciplines,” says Stahl. “It was important for us as a company here as well to have a competent team on site. The know-how on site helps prevent difficulties,” continues Stahl.


The boss of the logistics team is always personally in the field – “Now, Step 1 has been completed, and the return of the sports gear as well as the entire equipment has already been planned, of course,” continues Stahl “for the next orchestra tour is already waiting in the wings,” adds Stahl with a wink.

Bobsleigh and Skeleton Logistics for the World Cup to St. Moritz

Conceptum Sport Logistics is Presenting Sponsor


Frankfurt/St. Moritz, January 13, 2018 - from January 12 through 14, the IBSF Bobsleigh and Skeleton World Championships will take place in St. Moritz-Celerina. The cultural project logistician Conceptum Sport Logistics (www.conceptum-sport-logistics.com) will support the organizer, Olympia Bob Run St. Moritz-Celerina, as a presenting sponsor.


The bolides of winter sports will be assisted with comprehensive logistics from near Frankfurt - the headquarters of Conceptum Sport Logistics are not far from the airport. The Managing Director Sebastian Stahl approaches the world championships in a routine manner - for months, everything at the company has been revolving around winter sports - toboggan, biathlon, cross-country skiing, Alpine skiing, just to name a few sport disciplines.


In parallel, the preparations for the Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang in February are in full swing as well: “Nevertheless, I always like to go to St. Moritz personally, as this is the only natural ice track in the entire world cup arena and thus something special time and again,” says Stahl.

Conceptum Sport Logistics will be Presenting Sponsor of the IBSF World Cup in St. Moritz-Celerina 


Frankfurt/St. Moritz, September 25, 2017 - Since Conceptum Sport Logistics has been taking on sponsorships for bobsleigh or skeleton races on the legendary natural ice bobsleigh track in St. Moritz-Celerina time and again, a long-term contract was now signed for the support of all IBSF World Cup races until the year 2020. 


The event organizer, the Olympic Bob Run St. Moritz-Celerina, which will plan the world cup races in two-man and two-women bobsleigh, in four-man bobsleigh as well as in skeleton, is happy to have found a dedicated and reliable partner.


"In Conceptum Logistics, we have found a partner who has been providing the sports of bobsleigh and skeleton with dedicated support for over 10 years and who contributes to the success of each event with its logistical expertise. We are happy to have sealed the partnership until the end of the season 2019/2020," explains Damian Gianola, Managing Director of Olympia Bob Run St. Moritz-Celerina. 


The Managing Director of the logistical service provider Conceptum Sport Logistics is pleased as well:"We are glad that we have now been able to sign a long-term contract for the events in St. Moritz-Celerina. The only natural ice bobsleigh track on the world cup circuit of the bobsleigh and skeleton athletes provides a special highlight on the racing calendar every year. This year as well, we will be there to make sure that the athletes will be able to train in due time and that the equipment will be transported and delivered completely and in time," says Stahl.

In 60 hours (almost) around the world


Pyeongchang / Frankfurt / Helsinki, March 8, 2017 – After the Conceptum Sport Logistics team in Pyeongchang packed all materials for the biathlon world cup event and loaded them onto trucks to be transported to the airport in Seoul last Sunday night at 11:00 pm, the Conceptum Sport Logistics team in Frankfurt feverishly awaits its planned arrival on Tuesday morning at 5:30 am so that everything can be prepared on this end for customs and further transport of all sports equipment as well as the marketing and anti-doping material to the Hahn Airport.


The ATR 72, which is exclusively available for this transport, is scheduled to arrive in Frankfurt-Hahn at 2:20 pm on Tuesday afternoon to take off in the direction of Joensuu, Finland, from there at 3:50 pm after being loaded with the cargo. In the meantime, the Conceptum Logistics team in Finland is already preparing for its arrival, organizing everything to ensure that all materials can be transported to the venue in Kontiolahti as fast as possible.


After the aircraft lands in Joensuu at 9:40 pm on Tuesday night and the loading and documentation process has been efficiently organized, all materials can be delivered to the venue of the next biathlon world cup race in Kontiolahti the next morning at 07:30 am.


“Whenever such a time-critical transport also involves a great sleep deficit for all parties involved, the sense of achievement at the end of the day is worth all of our efforts!” says Sebastian Stahl, Managing Director of Conceptum Sport Logistics in Frankfurt. “Our team in Pyeongchang as well as our coworkers here in Frankfurt and of course our colleagues in Finland all did an excellent job; otherwise, such a fast transportation process from one end of the world to the other would not be feasible”, continues Stahl.

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